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Kurbo Weight Watchers Wants You to Understand the Difference Between Deprivation and Healthy Eating


Kurbo Weight Watchers stress that there is a huge difference being deprivation and healthy eating. Eating a balanced diet should leave you full and satisfied. Deprivation is extremely harmful to the body and is a symptom of many eating disorders. Kurbo stands for a balanced and healthy diet but does not condone deprivation as a solution to losing weight. Eating diets do not involve completely cutting out parts of your diet, avoiding certain foods, limiting calories to less than what you need, and depriving your body of things you love to eat. Moderation and balance are key components of a balanced and healthy diet. Eating healthy foods should give your body energy, fuel, and satisfaction.

A healthy diet should focus on protein, healthy fats, fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Switching to a healthy diet does not happen overnight. This switch can be slow and involve smaller steps until you reach your goal. A first great step is setting intentions and goals. These goals can be weekly, monthly, etc. For example, a gpal could be trying a new healthy recipe each day, planting a garden, eating only plant based once a week, limiting deserts to once a week. These goals should motivate you and your family and not hinder your progress.

A few more tips follow: be cognizant of ingredients and read the label of your food. Many condiments and sauces have added sugar which is not great for starting a healthy diet. Check your pasta sauce, peanut butter, ketchup, and other sauces for added sugar. Make a simple change by swapping these for options without added sugar. Next, focus on how you feel after you eat. Healthy foods are so great for you because they make you feel good. Avoid foods that make you tired, sluggish, bloated, and uncomfortable. Instead, focus on foods that make you feel satisfied and energetic. Next, water is extremely important for this process. Kurbo Weight Watchers reminds you to drink your bodyweight in ounces of water a day. Drinking plenty of water ensures your organs and bodily systems are functioning optimally. It can also help you lose a few pounds of water weight or weight your body holds because of water retention when you are dehydrated.

It is important to be aware of deprivation so you can avoid it while changing your diet. Be cognizant of how many calories your body needs. You can calculate this online based off of age, sex, and your current weight. Eating below 1,000 calories is extremely dangerous. Similarly, be aware that not all calories are the same. 200 calories of peanut butter is healthier than 200 calories of Doritos or a comparable snack. Next, focus on portion size. If you’re eating at a restaurant, focus on sharing dishes or ordering a few appetizers instead of an entre. Similarly, food should be viewed as a nourishment and source of energy for the body. Food is not bad and it will not make you fat. Everyone needs to eat in order to survive!

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Eat This, Not That: Kurbo Weight Watchers Provides Healthy Alternatives to Sweets

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Desserts are a weakness for many people. However, we should not have to sacrifice sweet and delicious desserts for sugar and calories. A healthy diet does not mean completely eliminating desserts from your diet or your family member’s diets. Kurbo Weight Watchers recommends avoiding foods such as desserts, sugary beverages, fatty snacks such as potato chips, and foods high in sugar. Previous articles have focused on easy meal or snack substitutions. However, this article will focus on how to curb your sweet tooth and create replacements that are healthy and sweet. Focusing on fruits is extremely important in tackling this issue.

If you love popsicles, ice cream, and other summer deserts keep reading. One of the best staples for your new healthy kitchen is fruit pops. They are delicious and a great substitute for ice cream and popsicles that are full of unhealthy dairy and sugar. Another great recipe is banana ice cream. Blend bananas with almond milk, peanut butter, and chocolate chips in a blender and then freeze. This banana ice cream keeps very well in the freezer. It can be enjoyed as a dessert or in the morning as a smoothie bowl. Similarly, healthy or dairy free ice cream is sold in many stores. Some great brands are Halo Top and So Delicious. These brands focus on whole and healthy ingredients and lower calories. Next time your grocery shopping, check them out.

Fruit, fruit salads, parfaits, and fruit and chocolate are also great healthy options. Some great dessert alternatives are berries, pears, and tangerines. Parfaits with yogurt, granola, and honey are also a great way to kick a sweet tooth. Dipping fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, apples, and oranges in melted dark chocolate is also satisfying and delicious. Try these next times you want to eat a dessert or something sweet.

Desserts and healthy eating can go hand in hand. The main rules are focusing on sugar consumption and moderation. The less sugar the better. Limit healthy desserts to several times a week. By swapping these healthy options with typical desserts, you are changing your diet and life for the better. This change is small but will have a great impact on your life and your family’s life. Kurbo Weight Watchers stresses the point that making healthy lifestyle switches can not only help a person lose weight but live a happier, healthier life.

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Kurbo Weight Watchers Looks at the Top Vegetables to Help with Digestion

Kurbo Weight Watchers supports healthy eating in all capacities. According to Kurbo’s stoplight model for eating healthy foods, fruits and vegetables are fair game any time of day. Fruits and vegetables are full of fiber which promotes healthy digestion within the body along with other health benefits. However, certain vegetables can aid in this process. Digestive problems can range from bloating to gas to constipation to vomiting and nausea. Eating the following vegetables can help mitigate and alleviate these digestive problems. Keep reading to learn more about these healthy vegetables and their great bodily benefits.

Ginger, which is found as a condiment in many Asian dishes is great for digestive problems. It can be added to dishes such as tofu, chicken, and salads. It can also be used as a spice or served pickled on the side of a meal. Ginger tea is also a great after dinner remedy for many digestive problems. Ginger functions primarily to quell bloating which is an expansion of the stomach. Start by buying fresh ginger and ginger powder to use in sauces and dishes. If you like the results, Kurbo Weight Watchers recommends making the move on to pickled ginger and ginger tea to spice up your diet.

Fiber works wonders on the digestive system and is a healthy component of a balanced diet. Vegetables with skin tend to have more fiber. If you are seeking to increase your fiber intake, focus on vegetables with skin such as potatoes, beans, and legumes.

Artichokes are another great stable for your kitchen that contain high levels of fiber. A normal sized artichoke has around 7 grams of fiber. Artichokes can be used in salads, dips, and so much more. Artichokes are also full of probiotics which promote gut health as well. Lastly, artichokes can help offset symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and protect the liver.

Leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and collard greens provide vitamins, nutrients, and help with digestion. Leafy greens have a type of fiber called insoluble fiber which pushes waste through the GI tract. Greens can be cooked as a side dish for chicken, fish, or meat. Greens can also be added to breakfast scrambled eggs, omelets, sandwiches, and smoothies. Toss in a cup or two of greens whenever possible to promote great digestive health.

All the above fruits and vegetables promote healthy digestion and a balanced diet. However, there are many foods that are bad for the digestive system and cause more harm than good. If you want you and your family to have or maintain great digestion, avoid sugary beverages, sugar alcohols, milk or white chocolate, spicy foods, greasy foods (fries, pizza, hamburgers), and large amounts of dairy such as cheese, milk, and cream. These foods are okay in small amounts or moderation. However, they are not recommended in large portions because they offset a healthy and balanced diet.

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Healthy Smoothie Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

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Kurbo Weight Watchers believes that smoothies can be a great snack for children and teenagers while providing protein, fruits, veggies, and other nutrients. It is recommended that these smoothies be prepared at home by following some of the recipes below. Oftentimes, premade smoothies such as Odwalla or Jamba Juice are high in sugars and low in nutrients. To get the highest quality smoothies that are natural and not laced with sugar, stick to making them at home. Smoothies can be great for in between meals, before or after a workout, or as a meal replacement if they have enough protein and other nutrients. Similarly, Kurbo Weight Watchers believes smoothies are a great way for you and your children to get involved in the food preparation process together. Let your child choose which smoothie they want to make first and find all the ingredients in the fridge or freezer. This will make them feel like they have more control over the situation.

Green smoothies are great for packing in fruits and vegetables. If your child or teen is dairy free or vegan, continue reading. These next few links will provide healthy and simple dairy free smoothies.

The ingredients are fresh and simple. In addition, many of the ingredients have added benefits as well. Bananas have high amounts of potassium and vitamin C and vitamin C6. Mangoes are high in a multitude of vitamins such as C, A, E, and copper. The amount of spinach in this smoothie is more than the necessary daily amount of vitamin K and it also has vitamin A and C. Pumpkin seeds have zinc, protein, iron, and other nutrients to help fuel growing bodies. Lastly, hemp hearts have fatty acids and protein. If you do not have pumpkin seeds or hemp hearts at home, these can be found at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Safeway, and many other grocery stores. This smoothie is delicious, vegan, and so healthy.

The next link offers 6 different smoothie recipes. All these smoothies are classified as superfood smoothies and contain essential nutrients and vitamins. Some of the superfoods include blueberries, Greek yogurt, lemon, cucumber, turmeric, ginger, and chia seeds. The website details all of the benefits of these superfoods and more. The smoothies range from strawberry banana pineapple smoothie to sweet cherry and almond smoothie to chocolate powerhouse smoothie. Here is the link as follows:

These smoothies are guaranteed to be delicious, healthy, and full of superfoods. The 6 different recipes provide something for everyone from savory to sweet and from fruity to chocolatey. A personal favorite is the lovely greens smoothie. It combines fruits, veggies, orange juice, and bananas to make a refreshingly sweet and healthy smoothie. If you or your child is looking for something more filling, the chocolate powerhouse smoothie is a great option. With chocolate milk and chocolate protein powder, this smoothie is delicious and more substantial than a solely fruits and veggies smoothie.

Please try the following smoothie recipes above and let us know at Kurbo Weight Watchers, which ones were your favorites! 

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Healthy Alternatives for Summer Parties and BBQs

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While most of us continue to social distance, there’s still some time for summer barbecues and fun in the sun. Kurbo Weight Watchers reminds you that there’s a lot more than hot dogs and hamburgers to enjoy in the heat. Summer is a great time for fresh fruits, vegetables, and other alternatives to traditionally unhealthy summer party dishes. As previously mentioned in other articles, Kurbo’s focused on a traffic light conceptualization of foods. In this framework, Kurbo Weight Watchers explains that green foods such as fruits and veggies are important and can be eaten any time, yellow foods like lean proteins and pasta are healthy as well in moderation, and red foods like sugary sweets must be thought about.

Typical burgers and hotdogs are not the ideal BBQ dish for families trying to maintain a healthy diet. Instead of sacrificing the taste and meatiness of a burger, try serving it in lettuce instead of a bun. This will save calories and carbohydrates without switching to a meatless alternative. Going off of the meatless alternative, veggie burgers are a great way to reduce red meat intake, save the environment, and cut down on calories.

Similarly to veggie burgers, veggie hot dogs exist as well. A silent killer at BBQs is actually the condiments. Many condiments like ketchup and relish are high in sodium and sugar. When you’re grocery shopping next, be sure to check the ingredient list and avoid condiment brands with added sugars or high fructose corn syrups. The food industry perpetuates our sugar addiction so it is important to be cognizant of this when food shopping.

Instead of having sugary desserts such as cake, cookies, or cupcakes, Kurbo encourages you to focus on the abundance of delish fresh fruits that summer offers. Fruit salad is a great solution.

Another great way to swap out traditional desert is with a cheese plate. Include cheese, fruit such as persimmons, grapes, or figs, and some honey. Cheese is filling and rich and will cure the sweet tooth of many summer party goers.

The bottom line for summer parties is moderation and portion size. A typical BBQ meal of a burger, chips, and cookies is not the way to keep off those last few pounds or kickstart your healthy summer. Change does not have to be drastic either. Cut out the chips and cookies, replace a bun with lettuce, and serve fruit and cheese for dessert. These easy and simple modifications are so much healthier, better for the environment, and won’t break the bank. Remember, one burger or one cheat meal does not determine your health. If you had a healthy week and feel great, treat yourself in modification but be mindful of it and do not make it a habit.

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Kurbo Weight Watchers Looks at Workout Routines in the Pool You’ll Love

The opening of pools, tennis courts, and golf courses presents an opportunity for families to get moving and sweat outside. This article from Kurbo Weight Watchers will focus on workouts in the pool to get fit during this summer in quarantine. Water is denser than air so many exercises are more difficult than on land. Similarly, the heavier resistance makes it so you can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. Lastly, water is less harsh on joints, so it is ideal for more vulnerable populations such as osteoporosis, pregnancy, balance issues, and joint problems.

Kurbo Weight Watchers says that full exercises in the pool include walking in water, by lengthening the spine and engaging the core, this workout will target your arms, core, and lower body. Advanced exercises can use this workout as a warmup and walk for 5 to 15 minutes. This is a great way to begin your pool workout routine. Another great way to begin or end this workout is by stretching.

The next exercise will require the use or purchase of foam dumbbells. This exercise is water arm lifts and water lateral arm lifts. First, stand in water that is up to your shoulders and place the dumbbells at your side with your palms face up. Next, lift your forearms to the top of the water and keep your elbows at your side. Rotate your wrists to be face down and then lower back to your side. Repeat these 10 to 15 times. For lateral arm lifts, repeat this exercise but do not rotate the wrists during the exercise. This can also be repeated 10 to 15 times. This exercise is great for the arms and upper body and can be used for strength and toning. Sets should be repeated 1 to 3 times for the best effect.

Jumping jacks are also a simple and effective way to get moving in the water. Kurbo Weight Watchers says for more advanced exercisers, you can add ankle or arm weights for more resistance. This exercise works muscles in both the upper body and lower body. Do this work out 8 to 12 times for 1 to 3 sets to get a killer workout.

Leg kicks strengthen the core and legs. This can be done swimming laps with a kickboard or by holding onto the wall. Different types of kicks that can be utilized are flutter kicks, scissor kick your legs open and closed, breaststroke kicks, and dolphin kicks or butterfly kicks. Do each type of kick for 1 to 3 minutes. This workout may burn but remember that you are getting stronger and healthier. Do not give up on your goals!

Hopefully, this article provides some beginner support for pool workouts. Change up your workout routine by heading to the pool and getting moving. Any of these exercises can be coupled with a swimming routine as well. Kurbo Weight Watchers encourages you to get out there and have fun!

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Kurbo Reviews Nutrition Advice for Kids

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The benefits of children eating healthy extend beyond physical health. Kurbo reviews show making the switch to healthy eating can improve mood, stabilize energy, help a person maintain a healthy weight, and help prevent mental health conditions. Eating healthy also prevents chronic conditions such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Kurbo benefits families by making this task manageable and easier. However, parents can start on their own at home before using Kurbo’s services.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, is a great way for parents to start changing their families lives. Having a healthy breakfast is an essential way to start the day. For example, eggs and toast, Greek yogurt parfait, or a peanut butter sandwich. Kurbo reviews show these simple breakfast ideas have protein and carbohydrates, which allows kids to feel full and energized for longer.

Small shifts in grocery shopping and cooking habits can also change your children’s and family’s lives as well. For example, switch soda and sugary drinks with sparkling water, switch white bread for whole wheat bread, switch butter for olive oil, switch full fat milk to skim milk or dairy free milk, and potato chips for baked chips or popcorn. Using these substitutions will allow eating healthy in your family will become easy and normalized.

Sugar, not fat, is having the largest impact on family’s lives and should be limited as much as possible. However, completely eliminating sugar is not the best way to go about this. Making sure children do not overindulge or eat too much sugar is the key. A helpful way to do this is by limiting dessert to once a week. This allows dessert to become special and not a normal part of daily eating habits.

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Kurbo Weight Watchers Discusses Fun Summer Workouts

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Summer is the perfect time to de-stress, relax, and get moving outdoors. The weather provides the perfect environment for a quick sweat. In addition to promoting healthy eating habits, Kurbo Weight Watchers promotes an active lifestyle, typically outdoors. Some summer favorite exercises include swimming, hiking, walking in the neighborhood, golfing, and playing tennis. These activities are fun, cheap, and a great way to break up a boring workout routine. Summer is a great way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle as well. Use this time to eat healthy and enjoy exercising outside.

Many swim clubs, private and public pools, and the ocean are fair game for swimmers. You do not have to be a competitive swimmer to do a swim workout. The beauty of swimming is that it is a full body and toning workout. A mere 30-minute workout will leave you sore and tired the next day. Once you have mastered the pool, lakes or oceans make do for another great swimming venue. Oftentimes, safe swimming areas are roped off and easily accessible to swimmers. Swimming can be fun for the whole family so grab your kids or significant other and get moving.

Golfing and tennis are two other great ways to sweat in the summer heat. Kurbo Weight Watchers is happy to see golf courses are open again to the public. Even if you’ve never played before, grab a family member and hit some balls at a range before moving on to the course. Tennis courts are also open and oftentimes less expensive than golfing. With a racket and balls, the use of tennis courts is normally free. These two sports are great for the whole family because everyone can play. If you are not a member of a golf or tennis club, google public golfing or public tennis near me to find open venues. Typically, both sports require a reservation to play. Get sweating!

For people who are new to working out, yoga and walking are great alternatives to the exercises mentioned above. Yoga at home is also very cheap. All you need is a yoga mat, a sweat towel, and a waterbottle. The following video goes through a short yoga flow for beginners: In addition, I would recommend doing yoga early in the morning or after dining. Yoga is a great way to either start the day with a positive affirmation or end a long day by relaxing.

Walking during the summer is also best done during the morning or after dinner to avoid the heat of the day. Workout beginners can focus on 30-45 minute power walks and work their way up to power walking with hand weights or jogging around their neighborhoods. Consistent walking as an exercise is almost as beneficial as running and can provide a great platform to catching up with friends and family members while getting moving.

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How to Combat Picky Eaters by Kurbo Weight Watchers

Kurbo Weight Watchers supports healthy lifestyles for families and children across the United States. However, there are many barriers to achieving healthy eating standards within families. One-way Kurbo Weight Watchers focuses on tearing down these barriers is by catering to families with picky eaters. Eating healthy for picky eaters should be fun and nutritional, not tasking and difficult. The following article will focus on tips and strategies for parents with picky eaters. One thing to keep in mind is Kurbo’s stoplight philosophy. In this philosophy, green foods such as fruits and veggies are encouraged all of the time, yellow foods like lean proteins and grains are encouraged in moderation, and red foods such as sugary drinks and desserts must be thought about. Kurbo Weight Watchers also promotes the use of goal setting.

One strategy for picky eaters would be setting weekly or monthly goals. Parents can encourage children to try one new food every two weeks or try three bites of a new food weekly. Small goals like these will expose picky eaters to other options and give them a wider range of foods they are familiar with. Encourage the child to try the food at least once, chewing three bites, before they make an opinion on whether they like it. This strategy may eventually allow your child to grow out of their picky eating habits and enjoy trying new foods.

Another strategy is allowing the child to help with grocery shopping. By allowing them to pick fresh produce like fruits and veggies, they are able to express their opinion on what food is available at home. Going off of this strategy, allow children to be involved in deciding what healthy recipes to cook. This will allow them to learn about the food process, how to cook, how to find healthy recipes, and learn that tasting new foods should not be scary. Start off by finding a recipe online together and have them find the ingredients in the grocery store or your online grocery provider during quarantine. Involving them in the solution will make progress towards better eating habits. Kid friendly cookbooks are also a great way to get kids interested in food and can be purchased on sites like Amazon.

Lastly, family style meals are a great way to promote unity and designate a time for the family to come together. This time should be used to exhibit healthy eating and nutrition. Explain what you are having for dinner and what ingredients you used to make it. Starting this conversation will allow picky eaters to become more involved in their meals and more interested in nutrition in general.

Please use these tips and leave a comment below on what worked. Check out Kurbo Weight Watchers and consider signing up if your child’s eating habits are so adverse that they are not getting adequate nutrition.

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Kurbo Weight Watchers Says Eat This, Not That

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Studies have shown that stress and anxiety can increase the desire to eat unhealthy junk foods. Quarantine has proven to be a stressful and anxiety-provoking time, which has led many families to crave junk food. In addition, many families are attempting to save money through buying cheap, processed foods. Eating unhealthy foods is not a solution or an adequate coping mechanism. Kurbo Weight Watchers encourages all families to maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits despite the less than ideal circumstances.

Food swapping is a great way to replace junk food with healthier alternatives. This strategy is not a short-term solution. It has proven to be beneficial in the long run and promotes overall healthy eating lifestyle changes. Focusing on small and sustainable changes will have a greater influence in your families’ lives.

Breakfast foods such as granola are often idolized as healthy. However, these foods tend to be high in oil, calories, sugar, and butter. Instead of eating granola, swap this breakfast item with muesli, a healthier alternative. Coffee drinks from commercial places such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ also tend to be high in calories and sugar. Instead of a latte with whole milk which has around 200 calories, try a black coffee or Americano with a splash of milk and a teaspoon of sugar. This will save sugar and calories while still providing an adequate caffeine dose. Another way to cut calories and still enjoy coffee is by using dairy free alternatives to milk. Almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk are popular alternatives. Next time you are craving a Starbucks coffee, order an iced coffee with a splash of almond milk. Delicious and guilt-free! 

For lunch foods, Kurbo Weight Watchers believes it is important to focus on condiments and sauces, which often provide calories and fat in exchange for more flavor. Instead of using mayonnaise on sandwiches and tuna salads, use plain greek yogurt. Be aware of the nutritional information for salad dressings too. It is often healthier to make your own salad dressing at home to save calories, fat, and money.

Potato chips are an American favorite but are also high in bad fats, salt, and calories. A great way to snack guilt free is by buying or making lightly salted and air-fried popcorn. Popcorn has fiber and antioxidants and is great for digestion without sacrificing snacking habits or great taste. Ice Cream is another crowd pleaser. Swap ice cream for gelato which is lower in calories, fat, and sugar. However, gelato should still be eaten in moderation. Another great way to have the taste and satisfaction of ice cream is through alternatives like banana ‘nice’ cream. The following link has ten recipes. They are easy and fun! Get your family involved and make some ‘nice’ cream as it begins to get hotter.

Hopefully, Kurbo Weight Watchers tips promote a healthier lifestyle where junk food is limited and nutritious foods are prioritized. Check out this resource for more guidance and good luck: